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Dental Engineer in Horsham

Meet your local Dental Engineer in Horsham. Our senior dental equipment engineer Dan Stone having come from an electrical installation background in 2018. Dan started with Dental Engineers and quickly qualified with the UK’s biggest names in dental and now provides a knowledge of service that can fix even the toughest of engineering problems. Working […]

Dental Suction Pipe Cleaning

Over years of use you may find your dental suction is a little slow and sluggish or just not able to pick up the same amount of fluid as before, even if you have been keeping up with suction pump servicing and daily cleaning procedures! This could be due to a build-up of amalgam, dirt […]

Air Compressor and Autoclave Pressure Vessel Inspections (PVI)

Air Compressor and Autoclave pressure vessel inspections (PVIs) are crucial in dental settings for ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment used in dental air compressors and Autoclave sterilisers. These inspections help to prevent potential accidents, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and maintain the quality of compressed air used in various dental procedures. Here’s […]

The right size and power air compressor for me?

Working out the right size and power of your compressor comes down to litres of air consumed per minute. Products like, Air or spray guns, Industrial equipment will have an average rate of consumption shown in (LPM …) In the case of dental use a simple rule of thumb is how many air consuming products […]

What MDS autoclave is right for me?

MDS Medical have a great selection of autoclaves for Dental, Veterinary, Podiatry, Chiropody, Cosmetic, Tattoo and Body piercing. The easiest way to find out what is right for you is to ask how often you need to run the unit and how heavy the total load will be. For example if you have 1-2kg of […]

Dental X-ray Imaging Types

There are a few different options when it comes to dental x-ray imaging, listed below are the types available from the Vatech product range. CT (Computerised Tomography):  A CT scan creates a series of x-ray images that are then pieced together to form a series of slices that can be viewed as a 3D (three […]

What is a dryer on an air compressor?

Compressors from Bambi Air come with two options, with and without a drying column. As air travels though the hot moving parts of the compressor pistons making its way to the air receiver tank the hot air creates condensation on the walls of the cooler reservoir tank over time building up water that then passes […]

Autoclave steriliser types (N,B and S)

Bench type autoclaves have three classifications N, B and S type. N Type: Older style of sterilisation is achieved by boiling water in the chamber between 121°C/134°C and is good for sterilisation of non-wrapped solid instruments. B Type: Current best practice of sterilisation is achieved by boiling water or steam injecting into the chamber between […]