Autoclave Services and Repairs to Guarantee Longevity, Safety and Reduced Downtime

At Dental Engineers, we work closely and conduct service and installation on behalf of premium autoclave manufacturer MDS Medical as well as supplying the units directly. We offer a thorough autoclave servicing, validation, testing and maintenance. Utilising state-of-the-art diagnostic tools at competitive rates. Our commitment is to ensure that your autoclave equipment operates at the highest standards, adhering to all relevant regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Whether in a dental, hospital, veterinary, or screening clinic setting, our comprehensive service guarantees compliance with sterilisation protocols, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the safety and efficacy of your autoclave equipment.

Our Fully Inclusive Autoclave Service includes:

1 x Full Validation
1 x 6 month standard service per year
All breakdown call outs and parts up to £150 (excluding consumable paper rolls)
= £945 +VAT per machine

Our price for individual Autoclave service assessments are £85 +vat

Precision Assurance through Full Validation

Ensure the highest standards of sterilisation with our comprehensive full validation process, guaranteeing precise and reliable autoclave performance for the safety of your dental instruments and patient well-being.

Scheduled Care for Uninterrupted Operation

Experience peace of mind with our 6-month standard service plan, designed to keep your autoclave operating seamlessly. Our scheduled care prevents unexpected disruptions, allowing your dental practice to run efficiently and maintain compliance with sterilisation protocols.

Prompt Breakdown Support and Parts Coverage

Benefit from our inclusive breakdown callouts and parts coverage up to £150, ensuring swift resolution of any issues that may arise. Our commitment is to keep your autoclave running smoothly, minimising downtime and optimising your dental equipment investment.

Cost-Effective Solution with Transparent Pricing

Enjoy the simplicity of our pricing structure at £945 +VAT per machine. With all-encompassing service features, including full validation, standard service, breakdown support, and parts coverage, you receive a cost-effective solution without hidden fees. Trust in transparent pricing for a reliable and budget-friendly autoclave maintenance plan.

Autoclave Servicing

Why sterlisation is important

Ensuring the sterilisation of equipment is crucial to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and the spread of diseases. When medical tools come into contact with patients, they also come into contact with potentially harmful bacteria. Inadequate sterilisation increases the risk of bacterial growth, posing a serious threat to both patients and healthcare professionals. Proper sterilisation procedures play a pivotal role in preventing the transmission of compromising and debilitating diseases, safeguarding the health and well-being of everyone involved in the medical process.

Autoclave Servicing

Regular Autoclave maintenance is essential for safety

Ensuring the regular maintenance of autoclaves is paramount to uphold proper equipment functionality, safety compliance, longevity, and quality assurance. By prioritising autoclave maintenance, you create a secure environment for both practitioners and patients during the sterilisation processes.

Equipment Functionality: Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the proper functioning of autoclaves. Any malfunction or inefficiency in the autoclave can compromise the effectiveness of the sterilisation process, potentially leading to inadequate disinfection. Routine maintenance checks allow for the timely identification and resolution of any issues, ensuring optimal performance of the autoclave.

Sterilisation Safety: Autoclaves are instrumental in eliminating harmful microorganisms, and their safety is paramount in preventing the spread of infections. Regular maintenance involves thorough checks on crucial components such as pressure valves, temperature controls, and steam generators, ensuring the autoclave operates at peak efficiency and consistently delivers reliable sterilisation results.

Compliance with Regulations: Autoclaves, like other medical equipment, are subject to stringent regulatory requirements to ensure patient and operator safety. Regular maintenance practices involve calibrating and inspecting various components, such as pressure gauges and temperature sensors, to ensure compliance with industry standards such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This proactive approach guarantees that your autoclave consistently meets regulatory guidelines, providing a reliable and compliant sterilisation solution.

By committing to regular autoclave maintenance, you not only enhance the safety of your facility but also contribute to the overall effectiveness of sterilisation processes, promoting a healthier and secure environment for both staff and patients.