Dental Suction Pipe Cleaning

Over years of use you may find your dental suction is a little slow and sluggish or just not able to pick up the same amount of fluid as before, even if you have been keeping up with suction pump servicing and daily cleaning procedures! This could be due to a build-up of amalgam, dirt and even bits of teeth stuck within the dental chair pipelines and chair service piping under the floor.

At Dental Engineers we have specialist tools and knowledge that allow us to remove and clean dirt build-up in the suction system piping hidden under the floor as well as the ability to replace the suction piping within your dental chair to insure the best flow of liquid within your suction system.

Prices for underfloor pipe cleaning only £380+vat each room.

Prices for dental chair re-piping start at £385+vat each room.

Discounts are available for multiple services being conducted!

Contact us now for more information on our dental suction pipe cleaning service.