Cattani ESAM

Cattani ESAM

Established in 1989, Cattani ESAM supply the UK & Eire dental trade with high-quality suction systems, dental compressors, amalgam separators, suction tips and adaptors, disinfectant and sanitising products.

Cattani ESAM also provide technical solutions consulting, training courses, a reliable maintenance support and parts service, plus laboratory dust extraction and house vacuum products.

Cattani ESAM have earned their reputation from 30 years in the market place, supplying suction and compressed air, via the leading dental retailers, to dental facilities, hospitals, universities and the military.

Cattani ESAM invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, product development and energy saving research. Products are built using raw materials and are of the highest quality, delivering unbeatable performance, leading-edge technology and component advancements to benefit our customers. They are stocked by leading dental retailers for end use by busy dental practices, hospitals and dental faculties at top universities and the military.

As a family business, we understand that a fast and professional service is of paramount importance. Complete satisfaction is the norm for Cattani customers, not an exception. Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly.

Our dental suction systems are hand-built and produce high performance at affordable prices. Cattani Smart systems are supplied with a 3 year warranty on all major components (Terms & Conditions apply). We have a full range of suction systems ranging from single surgery to complete custom built modular units for hospitals, meaning that there is a system to suit the requirements of your clinic.

All amalgam separators are fully ISO11143 and Bautechnik Compliant, with over 98% filtration across the complete flow range. A full range of tip supports, isolation valves, spittoon valves and hygiene consumables are available to complement the systems, and maintain their performance.

Cattani dental oil-less compressors are renowned throughout the industry for their performance and reliability.